Remove Duplicates in Outlook

Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover - the powerful tool to remove Outlook duplicates.

A modern and powerful tool that cleans your Outlook of countless duplicates, leaving you with all of the emails or contacts (or any other items) you need, and nothing more.

Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover Folders

After using the same email address for years on end, your inbox may become cluttered with duplicates, but, with our new tool, you can remove them.

Our powerful plug-in intelligently searches for duplicates in your contacts, calendar and email folders.

Just sit back and let the app do everything for you - and watch your duplicates disappear.

The Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover - removing duplicates from your inbox the easy way.

  • The easier and smarter way to remove duplicates from your Outlook folders.
  • Searches your contacts, calendar, notes, tasks and email folders.
  • Easy to use; just click and the Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover will work its magic.
  • Works on most Outlook clients, including Outlook 2013 through to Outlook 2003.
  • Deletes duplicates to Deleted Items folder, so they can be restored if needed.